I believe my food addiction is very real but irrelevant

I’m a food addict – that much is true, but how does that factor into my current weight? I believe being overweight is a symptom of my addiction, however I recently noticed over the last couple of years that I have a weight loss/gain pattern. Every November I start to lose weight and continue to do so until about March when I stop losing weight. Then in April, May, June, July, and August I gain weight.

There isn’t a huge food festival in Phoenix all summer long, so what gives? There is no mystery to solve here – its HOT in the summer and I stop running. You can clearly see what I’m talking about when you compare my weight against my running stats over the last twelve months:weight-running

I need to figure out how to stay active when its a hundred and flames outside. Yes, I do eat like a horse, BUT I believe the chart above clearly shows that the more I run, the more weight I will lose. Don’t get me wrong, food is a big part of the equation, but I believe what you are seeing in the chart is the result of trading late night snacks with late night runs…

So now I have to ask myself, how to I get through April, May, June, July, and August without  gaining weight!

Any suggestions?

I’m never “starting” a diet again!

I keep having “false starts”. Its where you say I’m going to get back on the diet/weightloss wagon… starting tomorrow! But then you don’t. Or you do well all day that new “first” day until 10pm at night… when you consume 1200 calories in 30 mins and think, I guess I’m “starting” tomorrow…

Today I was on. I logged all my food and I worked out. I didn’t start a diet. I didn’t begin a weight loss program. I just did today. And I did it right. Tomorrow is another day to contend with and I’ll tackle it tomorrow.

I don’t ever want to “start” again. Just deal with today. Maybe I’ll put a enough todays in the win column to see a lot more tomorrows.