#153: Reflecting on this year so far – my most effective weight loss effort ever!

Weigh In for 04/24/2011

Just a quick note – I have 75 days (counting today which is already over) until I’m running 26.2 miles! With 153 days left until I’m 34, I’m starting to wonder why I picked this year to be a year on purpose? What about being 33 was so important?

I really don’t know – but this year has been the most successful attempt at weight loss in my life. I’m 39 lbs down, I have run two different half marathons, I ran over 18 miles a few weekends ago, I have run races with Biggest Loser celebrities Ali Vincent and Sione Fe, and I have already scheduled a marathon.

Currently at 269 lbs, I weigh less now than I have in over 8 years.  In fact, the last time I saw the 260’s was the first time (let that sync in…)

For the first time in my adult life, I believe I CAN lose this weight! I’m looking forward to the Warrior Dash this weekend and many more races this year.  Next week (Monday to be specific) I will have over 5 weeks of food journaling done – so I can start to compare those predictive statements the MyFitnessPal has been giving me to what my actual results are. If MFP has been accurate, I’ll weigh 267 lbs or 41 lbs down from my start here at IQA almost 3 years ago!

Its not been easy – I mean there have been some discouraging times and I still have a long way to go (pun intended). But for now, I’m going to just enjoy that fact that I’m doing pretty well overall and I truly believe I can lose this weight.

Last thought – I’m glad I have this blog. I know I don’t have thousands of readers like I had at one time hoped – but with or without a large reader base – I’m able to look back and see my successes and failures, my ups and downs, my wins and loses. For me, this blog has been a great tool to keep me going! So for all (or should I say both) of you out there reading this blog right now – Thank you! I believe you have helped me and I’m certain that you will continue to encourage me to my ultimate goal of losing

2 thoughts on “#153: Reflecting on this year so far – my most effective weight loss effort ever!

  1. Dale,
    I just want to tell you how proud I am of you!! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and have really enjoyed reading various entries. Not really sure HOW I found you, but I’m glad I did. You are now listed in my ‘favorites’ so that I can continue to read about your progress.

    I give you kudos for having for taking on a marathon in a few weeks. That is certainly something that I don’t think I could physically do. I look forward to reading about how it goes. I know you can do it!!

    I too am on a journey this year – just not as ambitious as yours! I turned 50 in February and decided last November that I would run our local 25K in May in celebration of my 50th year. Maybe I was being stupid, but I had run my first run ever in May when I completed a 10K – (this was a big feat for me since prior to that I couldn’t run a full mile w/o stopping). I warned my family that the next 6 months would be dictated by my training schedule. Thankfully they have given me their support and haven’t started throwing large objects at me when I’m not around when they need me. Weight hasn’t really ever been a problem for me, although I had gained 20-25 pounds over the past 10 years. I attributed the weight gain to getting older. But, when I changed my eating habits and started running I dropped the 20 pounds:)

    My journey ends in 15 days and I must say I look forward to scaling back on the running distances. I look forward to the run, although I have dealt with pain in one foot due to what was thought to be Toe Tendonitis and was later determined to be a Neuroma. Hopefully the cortisone shot will make things more comfortable.

    I was reading today about your 10K in January (2010?) where you were frustrated about your speed. I too, am a slower runner. I’m sure some of it is my age, or my lack of training in my younger years. Regardless, I too am not ‘in it to win it’. I came across a quote awhile back that I related to and thought ‘said it all’

    ” I don’t consider myself a fantastic, talented athlete. I just have perserverance. I’m a cart horse. I work hard.” -Colleen DeReuck, Four-time Olympian

    My goal in my run is to FINISH (in the allotted time). I don’t need to run a certain pace to prove anything to myself. My hope is to average a 12 min mile. Although, it was pretty exciting two weeks ago when I ran a 5K and took 2nd place in my age group – given there were only 6 women in my age group and they were giving metals to the top three, I had a 50% chance to place. That day I ran at a 10 min pace.

    Don’t every give up! ‘Trying’ is so much worth the rewards we receive (mentally). If we never ‘try’ we never know what we’re capable of! …….and I think you should learn to play the piano!

    1. @Beth – THANK YOU! I really do enjoy the encouragement! Congrats on a 2nd place win – I would love to have a 10 min pace for a 5k! I’m increasing my miles per week from now until the marathon – we’ll see if that helps…

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