#176: 98 days until the Marathon, 176 days until I’m 34

I guess I have given myself a little bit of a cushion (78 days) if I fail the complete the marathon on July 10th.  Its 4am and I am up because of a crying baby a couple of hours ago.  I went to bed early (like 8:30) so I have had a enough sleep I guess, but I am still tired and will most likely fall asleep for another couple of hours at least.

Its been busy around here.  I had to move appliances yesterday, which I HATE.  I also ran 5 miles with my brother-in-law using a run two minutes / walk one minute style.  We averaged a 13:30 mile.  That’s slow, but its not that much slower than my jog the whole way pace.

Today Stephanie wants to take the family to the last day of the renaissance fair here in AZ.  Its over two hours away and I spend over two hours in my car 5 days a week already.  I want to be at the renaissance fair – I just don’t want to GO to the fair…

Anyway – I also made a slight change to the site this morning – I created a new category called Food Journal – I moved all of my “My day” posts to that category and filtered it out from the home page.  You can still read my daily food choices if you please by clicking on the category “Food Journal” from the top navigation bar.

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