#187: Why am I back up?

I fell sleep in my recliner waiting on my wife to go to bed – 3 hours later I wake up cramped and uncomfortable.  Here I am an hour later thinking, if I don’t get back to sleep soon, I’m not going to run at 5:30 like I planned.

My run yesterday morning was 5 miles and I was able to stay on a 13 min/mile pace as I had planned, however my new shoes caused a blister on the inside of my left foot.  I’m not sure what I need to do to fix that yet.

I still don’t have any answers for a food plan – yesterday I resisted donuts all morning at work but had a milk shake on the way home and frozen yogurt after dinner (covered in candy toppings – it was really bad!).

As I mark this post into my “A year on purpose” category, it seems a bit ironic that my eating habits are still so not with purpose or intent – just reaction and habitual.  ARGGHH!!!

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