#188: Quick note before I go to bed…

I bought two pair of shoes today – one for my short runs (under 10miles) and another pair for my long runs (10miles and longer). Friday I ran 5 miles, Saturday morning I ran 10 miles, and Sunday I ran 3.3 miles. I am signed up for a half marathon this coming Sunday, and I am officially signed up for the full Marathon on July 10th – awesome… so why am I not losing weight?

Because I am simply not watching my diet. I don’t know how to fix this. I believe my motivation to continue running is “the next race” – whatever race that is. But what is my motivation for diet? I just don’t know yet. I’m open to suggestions – seriously, I really do need ideas here.

It’s 11pm and I have to get some sleep… tomorrow I’m likely going to over eat and eat the wrong things… but I’m also very likely going to run at least 5 miles. Argh!

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