#207: Time is MOVING – why am I not?

Look at that number – 207 days left until I turn 34 (well, by the time I finish this post and publish it, it will be 206). Its pretty amazing to me that we are already in March.

In January I ran 73.98 miles. In February – a huge mind numbing 10.53 miles! Yeah, not great. My eating habits reflect my running neglect too. In all, February was a pretty terrible month for me health wise. I put on 5lbs, I was sick for over 2 weeks of it, and I didn’t run any distance worth talking about.

But – its March and time is moving on. I worked on a website project at the office yesterday that is a pretty big project with a large audience, so I ended up being in the office over 18 hours. Then today I was back online working a full 8 hour shift with only a few hours sleep. I was ready to skip the run (wow, has that become an easy thing to do), but when my wife and bro-in-law asked me to go, I felt like I should.

A little over 3 miles and 44 mins later, I was back home and GLAD that I had run. I don’t think I am going to get a run in tomorrow but maybe a long one over the weekend…

BAM! – just like that, its tomorrow (12:01am) and I’m going to bed!

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