#209: Am I back on the horse?

I went for a run last night.  It was short – only 3.3 miles.  And I was S L O W.  But I did run.

I have excuses for why I quit running – I was sick for almost two weeks. But getting back on the running horse has been extremely difficult for me.

Wait – I don’t know if its semantics or not, but I don’t want to say it has been extremely difficult.  What I actually want to say is I have not gotten back on the running horse.  Has it been difficult? Mentally I guess I haven’t found the motivation I need.  Physically, its no harder than it was last month to get up and run.

I still think I have found my bad underwear motivation, I just haven’t executed that plan since the Rock-n-Roll half marathon.

I’m working on a way to report how many miles I run each month – not there yet – but I can tell you that for the entire month of February, I ran about 10 miles.  A far cry from the 60 miles I needed to run to hit my goal of 750 miles by the end of the year.

So, last week I ran a long hard 1k lap and last night a full 3.3 miles.  Am I back on the horse? Or is it just to early to tell?

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