#222: Should I run while I’m sick?

I know, it’s been TOO long since I’ve posted anything… Let’s start with excuses – I have been sick – seriously, the whole family has the flu.  I felt sick last Monday after work, called off work on Tuesday, then quickly realized I wasn’t going to be better in a day and called off Wednesday and Thursday too.  I worked remote on Friday and Monday.

I have heard you can run a cold out of your system but after reading this article on Runner’s World, I think that just isn’t true.  According to the article, running when your symptoms are “above the neck”, meaning sinus pressure, headaches, or coughs, doesn’t affect the duration of the cold or your performance on the run.  Basically, it doesn’t help or hurt as far as the cold is concerned.  But getting off the horse isn’t a good idea so even though running won’t help the cold, it is good to stay on the trainning routine if you can.

But if your symptoms are “below the neck”, meaning chest cold, bronchial infection, or body aches, then you should take time off.  There really isn’t a mention in the article regarding a fever, but if you have a fever, I’m assuming your also have at the least body aches.

I’d like to say I really wanted to run last week but read this article and decided against going for a run since my symptoms indicated an issue “below the neck” – but the truth is I hadn’t run for almost a full week before I got sick and didn’t read the Runner’s World article until today.  I’m not upset that I didn’t run; I think I made the right choice to stay in bed.  But I did miss a 10k run last weekend and I’m not going to make it to the half marathon this weekend.

My question is what is the best way to get back on the horse now? I know, I know, follow Nike’s suggestion and Just Do It, right?

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