#246: I don’t have to lose 150lbs to tell you everything I will ever know about weight loss

No – I’m not being arrogant – although several of my earliest posts were very arrogant in that regard.  I just know that there is nothing I can tell anyone about how to lose weight now or ever.  I’ve lost 38 lbs since I started this blog over 2 YEARS AGO – with most of that coming off in the first 3 months and the rest coming off over the last three months.

What have I learned that I could pass on to you?  One thing – just one.  I have learned that I have no idea what will work for anyone.  What worked for me when I first started was cycling – but that stopped motivating me when I went 735 miles in elven days without losing a single pound.  Now I’m running.  It seems to be working for me for now, but I have no confidence that it will continue to work for me.

I don’t know what motivates you or what you have to do to avoid over eating, or continue working out, or anything in between.  I can’t even tell you what will work for me next week or if anything will work.

Right now I’m stuck at 270lbs – which I’ve been at for over three weeks.  I’m not discouraged by this too much because I am still running and I don’t run just to lose weight – I enjoy running.

I enjoyed cycling – which I don’t really do anymore – but there is a difference between the two.  Racing.  I know there are cycling races but I never got into them.  I’m slow and I read a lot about new cyclist are the most dangerous cyclist to be around while in a race because if they make a mistake, they can take several other cyclist down with them.

I have never read anything about a new runner being “dangerous”.  The result is I run races and for the most part being slow and new doesn’t seem to bother anyone – including some of the fastest most experienced runners.  Which makes running a great sport to be in if you suck at it.

By the way – I just ran on the treadmill for a new one mile personal record – 8:30 (9:17 before today).  Why? Because I wanted wings and knew I shouldn’t eat wings.  I ran instead.

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