#247: Run with the Pack!

Yesterday wasn’t a good food day – I had Chino’s for lunch (a local food dive described as a greezy-spoon asian/mexican place).  For dinner I had a healthier option because my wife cooked – but I had enough for three of us.  Then I went to the movies with my brother-in-law – but not before stopping at YogurtLand for a VERY LARGE portion of yogurt covered in sugar treats.  At the movies I had popcorn covered in carmal powder!

Yeah – a bad food day for certain!  But no worries – I’m leaving right now to take my son on a camping trip about four hours from here – where we will have pizza and burgers for lunch and dinner for the next two days.  Zander will be able to sled down a snowy hill for a few hours – so he will get in some play time – I may try to get in there too…

Anyway – we are off and soon this weekend will be behind me and my marathon training will pick back up!

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