#251: Random Thoughts

Tonight I ran 5 miles with Stephanie.  We run slow – 14 min miles.  Many people might not even consider it running.  I realized on this run that I’m carrying more stress lately.  I don’t think I have been able to make running the stress reliever that it could be.

I’m stuck at 270 lbs.  I was stuck at 285 for two years – I don’t want to be stuck at 270 for the next two years.  I think my diet is the key but I don’t know how to get it under control.

I still don’t have a February run or a marathon run – but I think the Missoula Marathon in Montana looks very promising.  Its on July 10th – only two hours drive from where my in-laws are going for the summer and considered one of the top marathons to run in 2011 according to

I need new cloths.  I just bought a few hundred dollars worth of 2x and 3x shirts from Casual Male XL (the big and tall store) back in November, but they are way too big now.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money for clothes I’m only going to wear for the next few months – but I also don’t want to look like a slob at work because I can’t find clothes that fit.

I need a hair cut.

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