#257: Temptation Thwarted with the Aid of a Good Friend and a Better Excuse

I’m in a meeting with about 2 dozen cookies on the table… If it were not for my co-work and friend Scott – I would have eaten at least two of those bad boys which I’m sure are 250 or 300 calories a piece!  Two minutes to eat 600 calories that would take me almost an hour to run off… Thanks Scott.

What I did notice today when the vendor tried to push the cookies on me with “com’on I brought cookies!”, I was able to easily push back with this statement: Oh, I would love a cookie – but I don’t want to carry that with me for the 13 miles I’m running this Sunday!  SIDENOTE: When I say “easily” I mean in the way my push back was received not in the amount of self discipline it took to do so.

That felt way better to say than “oh, I can’t I’m trying to lose weight!”  People usually follow that statement up with “have you been loosing weight? You look great!”… Even if you have just put on 10 lbs and feel like a bloated cow.  But I’m running a half marathon is more often followed by “Wow – really! That’s amazing! I could never do that!”  I’d say the latter is much more genuine and more enjoyable…

One thought on “#257: Temptation Thwarted with the Aid of a Good Friend and a Better Excuse

  1. Just do what I do. Everytime they offer me bad food (and I’m in the mood of not giving in) I just say “Sorry, I can’t. Bad case of diahrrea”. No questions, no explaining of “I”m counting calories”. They just move on as fast as they can.

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