#259: Is the blog really helping me? or you? anyone? anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Not to sound frustrated but I’ve been working on this blog for over two years… ok, you could say I’ve been off and on but I’ve been here for over two years either way.  I’m not sure I could lose a single pound in here.

I’ve lost weight – but I would not give this blog credit for the loss – just the ability to report it.  This year is a year on purpose – a year where I don’t do things on auto-pilot but with intention instead.  What are my intentions here?

If you did read last nights blog entry – then you already know that I have been feeling overwhelmed with life – family, work, diet, running, church – I always feel like I have too many spinning plates and at any moment one of them will spin out of control and come crashing down.  So is this blog a spinning plate I could just stop doing?

Lets talk about results – I’ve written about 160+ blog posts here – I have over 500 comments over two years and the traffic at its best was about 100 hits a day, at present I get about 20 hits a day.  20 hits… and I have to beg for those with facebook likes and twitter tweets.

My other blogs?  Well I have all but abandoned – relegating it to a tweet repository (aggregating all of my tweets each week into a post).  I did recently pick it up to write a few notes about my phone (the HTC Evo) – and what kind of traffic is there? 80 hits a day.  80 HITS A DAY!  I blog there less than one a week about a phone.

So the real question is can I continue to blog without feeling guilty when I don’t? Does this blog help me focus on my health or not? It certainly isn’t going to be for the fame…

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