#261: Run, Walk & Roll 5K/10K with Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser

Today was a long but happy day.  I started early, leaving the house around 7:30am to pick up my sister for our first race together!  Of course, it wasn’t exactly together – she ran the 5k and I ran the 10k – but it was still a blast to have her there.  Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser was also there – she ran the 10k in 01:13:15… I ran it in 01:11:11… 😮 (my GPS time was actually 01:08:44 at 6.2miles – the race was long at 6.44 miles)

After the race, I got to visit with my brother at his daughters 1 year birthday party – then I had to run to a clients house on an IT job (which is VERY unusual for me).  After that I swung by my nephews birthday party and then the BIG news…

My Brother-in-Law – yes, the very same one that got me started on this running thing – moved into town from MO.  So I was able to join him with the rest of the family for dinner.  We are planning a run for tomorrow and we enrolled in the 1/2 marathon next Sunday!!!

Mile Times

The 10k today?  It was fun and I feel I did a good job regarding pace, even though I was progressively slowing down almost every mile.  I’m not sure how I will do for the half marathon next week.  Right now I feel exhausted – this is the fastest I have ever run and I can tell my body took a beating.

Training this week will be interesting…

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