#263: No Weigh! Yes Weigh?

To Weight? OR Not to Weight?

When we went to my brother-in-law’s house over Thanksgiving 2010, we took our bathroom scale with us – I was watching my weight daily and had a target weight I wanted to hit before Thanksgiving.  The only scale they have is the Wii Balance board.

I put the scale in the main bathroom for the house and in less than 24 hours – everyone in the house had noticed and used it.  Why?  Its just took easy to step onto that thing.

So far for 2011, I have not weighed in, and I don’t plan to.  Well – at least not for the first month.  Its easy to step onto the scale everyday – watching that number everyday move one way… OR the other.

Easy to get be so encouraged when I see my weight start to drop a little every day.. but just as easy to be discouraged when it moves the wrong way or discouraged when it doesn’t move in either direction.  I have a history of sabotaging my own weight loss efforts when I hit a plateau – but I equally have derailed when I’m successfully losing weight!

That’s right – I have  derailed in the past because I was losing weight!  So I’ve decided – No weigh ins for the entire month of January.  It hasn’t been easy.  I haven’t been able to get my wife to agree that this is a good idea – so I can’t just put the scale away for the month – she still uses it daily.  I respect that, but it makes my goal a little more difficult.

The real reason for this goal is the 285 lbs wall I hit for 2 years.  Every time I got close to it, I found myself eating in celebration.  Yes – eating all the way to 290+.  But now that I’m well below 285lbs – I feel I might have my new plateau in 270lbs.  I don’t want to sabotage my efforts due to a mental block.  So – I’m putting the scale way.  I want to see the 260’s but how awesome would it be to just skip them?  Right down to the 250’s?  Maybe I’m getting my hopes up for that, but either way I won’t know until next month!

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