#266: Should I Stop Updating Twitter/Facebook with my runs?

I started running in October last year.  iMapMyRun is a great app for my Android powered HTC Evo and it has a few amazing features – including the ability to keep track of all of my runs – the routes laid over a google map, the distance, the speed, the pace, the climbs – a truly amazing amount of information.

In Progress: 1.00 mi in 13:39, 13:37min/mile, 4.40mph, #iMapMyRun #
In Progress: 2.01 mi in 27:11, 13:33min/mile, 4.42mph, #iMapMyRun #
In Progress: 3.00 mi in 40:24, 13:27min/mile, 4.46mph, #iMapMyRun #
In Progress: 4.04 mi in 55:51, 13:50min/mile, 4.34mph, #iMapMyRun #
In Progress: 5.00 mi in 01:09:02, 13:48min/mile, 4.35mph, #iMapMyRun #

You may have noticed, its also able to update Twitter and Facebook with my runs as I’m running.  Every mile or kilometer (depending on what I set it at) my phone sends an update to social network land telling everyone how fast I’m going and how far I’ve gone!  I think that’s very cool because it allows me (and you) to see how I’m progressing – that was about 280 tweets last year.  But…

I’m aware that not everyone want to see how I’m doing in real time.  If I could have the app send my updates to my website only – I would – but since IQA isn’t in the options – I’m asking you what you think – should I continue to update Twitter and Facebook during my runs?  If I don’t hear from enough people to keep it – I will turn it off.

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