#267: 211 degrees for too long…

Its the first Sunday of 2011 – and while this is a weight loss blog – I can’t seperate my personal weight loss journey from my spiritual one.  I don’t preach here at IQA (at least not on religous matters) and that isn’t going to change in this post – BUT its the first Sunday of 2011.  The first day of the first week of 2011 – and my family and I choose to get up and go to church.  I’m so glad we did!

In 2010 I was focused on work, on my business, on my weight loss, on my education, on a lot of things – but not on my faith.  Two years ago, I wrote a blog post titled A Month To Live where I stated how I felt my personal journey required an element of faith.  But I can’t say I was able to capture that element in a meaningful way.  But its a new year and new beginnings come with new hope.

This morning, the pastor said water at 211 degrees is just hot water, but turn up the heat – JUST ONE DEGREE – and hot water changes to boiling water.  I’ve been hot for the last two years.  I’ve been at 211 degrees for too long.  How long will I set here, waiting, wanting, wailing even for weight loss, for balance, for wholeness, for LIFE?  I was mad two years ago when I couldn’t break 285lbs.  I was frustrated on autopilot.  But anger, frustration, even anticipation hasn’t helped me to make progress.

My brother-in-law inspired me to run.  Running has helped me break the 285lbs barrier but will it stick? Is this time different?  I don’t know – but its time to turn up the heat – just one degree can make all the difference!

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