#268: New Year, New Goals, New Running PRs! **Updated**

Happy New Year!!! How did I spend the last day of 2010? Doing nothing mostly – but I did run the Midnight Madness 3 mile race – during which I grabbed two new personal records – my one mile time (previously at 9:49) is now 9:17.

And even though the race was only 3 miles, I ran past the finish line (unofficial time was 32:11*) to grab the extra point one mile for a new 5k PR (previously at 35:53) now at 33:28!  Pretty great way to finish out 2010.  But, have I set the bar too high for a big start to 2011?  I don’t think so!

I have a 10k race on Jan 8th and even though I have run 10 miles several times on my own and once in a race, and I have run a 12k race as well – I have never run a 10k race or even 10k on a training run – so I have no PR (if you check it out on my running page, you will see 00:00:00 for the 10k).  What does that mean? It means I will have a new PR for the 10k!

After Jan 8th?  How about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Relay with my wife?  I’m running the long first leg (over 8 miles), while she runs the last leg.  We both get to participate in one of the best races in America AND we get metals!  Is that a way to BANG into 2011 or what?  I’m excited!

What about you?  What are your BIG plans for 2011?


Official time was 32:09 – but I was 11th place out of 11 runners in my division BUT I was 235th out of 341.

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