#275: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh, and a little bit ABOUT holiday diet advise

You are awesomeness incorporated!

Merry Christmas from me to you!  I don’t have thousands of readers, and I don’t think my circle of influence spans very far (who really knows how big that circle really is?).  But for the few of you that do check out this page – Merry Christmas!

Oh… and a little bit about Holiday Diet Advise

There are so many blogs out there that talk about how to make healthy choices during the holidays.  Several of them have great advise on how to substitute unhealthy ingredients for better choices, others talk about how to control your portions.  There are many people that enjoy these helpful hints and make better food choices over the festive (or should I say FEASTive) season.

I’m not one of those people – and I will tell you why.  I’m a food addict, healthy choice advise is drowned out by the onslaught of feasting options that crash against me like the ocean waves on a sandy beach.  I quipped on Twitter this week that tips on healthy food choices over the holidays 4 me r like telling an alcoholic how to stay sober on a pub crawl, which is to say its a lost cause.

Is there no hope?

Of course there is!  I’m running – which will help to burn off those extra calories.  But for me – its more than how to survive the next few hours while on a diet or even how to burn off extra calories.  I have to have a plan for how to get back on the horse that I have jumped off.

If I were an alcoholic, I could request, even demand that family and friends refrain from offering or consuming alcohol while I’m there.  But with food, its not really a fair option for them.  I could also not go to family gatherings that I know are going to put me in a bad food situation – the abstinence approach has been the most successful for me in my efforts.  In my opinion, that wouldn’t be fair to my family, my kids, my nieces and nephews, etc.

So the plan?  I’m doing two things – one short term, one long term.

The Short Term

Just get over it.  I mean it.  I’m going to spend time with family – and I know I’m going to make bad food choices.  I have my wife with me helping me when I’m going WAY overboard.  I also know that I’m going to have to run off these extra calories next week – which I can do because I have the week off from work and a wife that WANTS to see me succeed!  So my short term plan is to just grin and bear it.  There is no reason to make my extended family uncomfortable with a bunch of dieting conversation – at least not in the short term.  You may think, but Dale, you could inspire your family to change! To that I say aspirations don’t inspire people, Success Does!  Asking everyone around me to make healthier choices while I’m still 100lbs overweight just annoys people.  Which brings me to:

The Long Term

My long term plan is going to be tough.  My bro-in-law put this in place and I’m not sure how intentional it was on his part.  On Thanksgiving, we ran a 5k race because he called me a month before and said “hey, what do you think about running 5k with me on Thanksgiving?”  Over the week I was there, he and I ran over a marathon of miles together.  He changed our holiday culture forever – at least I hope.  He did however have an advantage – I already wanted to live a healthier life.  My long term plan is to try to do the same with the traditions here.  I don’t know that I will ever see all of my family running a marathon together, but I do think if I continue to make progress there can be a shift in our holiday habits.

Inspiration to change requires something inspirational.  The more progress I make, the more my success becomes something to aspire to.  I am inspired by progress and discouraged by regress.  So – even though I know my weight is going to climb a pound or five over the next few days – my long term plans hinges on my success.  The more weight I lose, the less aspirational my conversations with my family about healthy choices are and the more inspirational they become.  As least, that’s the plan!

What do you think?  Am I way off here or what?

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