#279: 2011 New Year’s Resolutions…

Its the middle of December – and like it or not, we will find ourselves talking about what “New Year’s Resolutions” we want to accomplish in 2011.  In the past, mine have been all the same – finish college, lose weight, pay down debt.  In past years these goals (or ‘wishes’) haven’t been very measurable.  But thanks to this blog, this year – they are.

As I already said, I should have school done this year – so Finish College – Check.  As you can see from the number in the sidebar – I’ve lost about 38 lbs since I started two years ago, but this year’s loss is about 20 lbs – so Lose Weight – Check.  Last on the list – while I won’t share specifics there, I just checked and I have paid down my consumer debt (credit cards and non-student loans) by 40% – Pay down debt – Check!

I’m not really into “resolutions” but I can’t help but reflect on the last year and think about my goals for the coming months.  What about you? Have you already started thinking about your 2011 New’s Year’s Resolutions?

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