#286: Neck and Knee Pain

I ran late last night – about 10pm.  I know I need to work out the sleep thing as part of this journey, but that’s a different problem for a different post… Last night I didn’t want to run.  In fact, I was quite content on not running.  But then my wife got involved.

Without her pushing me, I would still struggle to run a 5k – but because she encourages me to push on when my internal voice is silent, I was able to run a 12k last Saturday.  Yes – she is my personal pain in the Neck!  I love her for pushing me to be everything I said I wanted to be.

After I agreed to run, alleviating my neck pain, my knee decided to take a turn!  Every step of my run was accompanied by pain radiating from my left knee.  It hurts.  I can’t help but struggle internally with the idea that my pain is a big deal and the idea that its not a big deal.

I have no idea how to interrupt these new signals my body sends me when I run.  I know when I’m uncomfortable but doesn’t that come with any workout routine?  Is the pain in my knee the sign of a real danger or of a weak mind?  Is my body merely saying, “hey man, you should stretch more before you run” or screaming “good grief man, if you don’t stop NOW we are going to be out for months with injury!”???

My doctor is not a sports medicine doctor.  The doctor I had in Ohio was and I know there is a big difference.  I would like to find a good sports medicine doctor to examine my knee as well as many other areas of concern.

What do you think?  Should I stop running until I can see a doctor?  Should I ‘suck’ it up and push through?  Do you have knee pain when you run?

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