#288: Life without… Pants?

I am across a post today, titled LESS STUFF, MORE HAPPINESS IN 2011, posted on the blog Life Without Pants. I especially like the title of the blog itself, which includes the tag line: Perspective on Life Less Restricted.

The post (as well as the blog itself) is worth the three or four minutes it takes to read it – and it reminded me of my own post almost two years ago titled I dont want more storage, I just want less stuff.

In my post, I talked about simplifying my life by removing things – trinkets, toys, and trash.  With the next 288 days of my life, I want to make it a habit to live on purpose – making decisions based on intent and not on auto-pilot.  Part of that path may take me back down the road of simplification and reduction.

Sure its easy to think about reducing my waist line here on my weight loss blog – but in truth, the reason I have the expanded girth can be traced back to more than just making bad food choices.  In 2011, I plan to reduce more than just the number on the scale!

What about you?  Have you already started thinking about your Resolutions?  What have you considered removing from your life?

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