#290: Too early to celebrate?

I wasn’t going to update my weight until Sat but I’ve weighed 272 for two days now – I know it can go back up (not in a weight gain situation, but in a my weight swings 4 or 5lbs situation), but I wanted to see the number in the sidebar (the MyFitnessPal widget that shows my weight loss to date).

So there it is – a big red 36lbs.  That’s how many pounds I’ve lost since I started this blog two years ago.  At 18lbs a year, I’ll be down to my ideal weight in just 7 more years!

I ran 7.5miles last night in 01:34:54.  That’s an average of 12:34 per mile.  The first 6k I ran with Stephanie, the next 6k were on my own running the same route.  Here is a breakdown of my times:

12:37 – Mile 1
12:18 – Mile 2
12:35 – Mile 3
13:03 – Mile 4
12:17 – Mile 5
12:24 – Mile 6
12:04 – Mile 7
06:14 – Last half mile

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