#293: Thanksgiving down, Christmas to go before I’m in the clear from holiday food temptation!

Holiday Food
Holiday Foods

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to eat with modesty and exercise with recklessness abandon – a combination that allowed me to lose a weight at a time when many others are packing on the pounds.  I guess I thought I was in the holiday clear but I was wrong!

Yes, Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around ‘the big meal’ – I know we say its about giving thanks, but how many times did you call it turkey day last month?  You don’t talk about how much you look forward to being truly grateful for your family and friends – you talk about the stuffing, the desserts, the leftovers!  Well, maybe you don’t – maybe its just me (and millions of others).

I just thought that if I made it through Thanksgiving, I was in the clear, home free, out of the woods!  But last night my wife made her awesome onion dip and I ate more than a fair share with a bunch of Ruffles Cheddar potato chips.  Again tonight I repeated this Christmas tradition with another helping of chips and dip.  I know there is more sodium in one serving of that snack than I need in a weeks time – but its ingrained into my idea of Christmas.

Many times over the Thanksgiving holiday I tweet’ed, Facebook’ed, and generally commented that I was glad to see running as part of the family tradition instead of simply over eating and watching movies.  I now realize that I need to repeat this process of redefining a holiday for Christmas.

I have put all of my posts since my birthday (Sept 26, 2010) under the category of “A year on purpose” and I’m seeing that if I’m truly going to live on purpose I’m going to have to review all of the ideas and traditions I live by.  The tough part is recognizing when I have made an assumption like “chips and dip are part of Christmas“.

I’m not suggesting that I should abstain from all holiday foods – I enjoyed every bite of turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and pie over Turkey Day!  What I am saying is that I must acknowledge the patterns I’m in and make a decision on whether or not I want to follow them – living on purpose.

Oh, and FYI – I’m up several pounds to 283 lbs (presumably from retaining water because of the sodium!)

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