#297: This day in history…

Two years ago on Dec 3rd 2008 I weighed 300.7 lbs, didn’t workout, and ate about 1200 cals.  I know this because that is what I wrote in my blog over at and later republished here at IQA.

Last year on Dec 3rd 2009 I don’t know exactly what I weighed (the closest I could find was in March 15, 2009 I weighed 288lbs), but I do know that I was struggling with a new mindset regarding food.  I was reading a book called “I can make you thin” and the post I wrote at the time compared giving up food I don’t need to having someone kill a puppy – no lie.

I love that about my blog – I can look back and see what was going on in my head over two years ago.  But history is behind me and I have a lot of road ahead to focus on.  Today I weigh 278lbs – that’s 22lbs down from two years ago.  If I continue that trend I will be 190lbs in eight years… I know weight loss is a long term goal, but 10 years to lose 110lbs?

Over Thanksgiving I realized that the last time I saw the 260’s on a scale was also the first time.  I’ve bounced between 280lbs and 310lbs for years, but only twice I have dipped down into the 270’s and never since I first broke 270lbs have I been back below it.  The two year anaversary of this blog is in 3 days – I don’t think I can safely lose 9lbs in 3 days, but I do think the 260’s are in reach by the end of the year…

Maybe next year I can say “This day in history a year ago was the last time I was over 275lbs!”

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