#298: Another 10 mile run!

Have I mentioned that I have an addictive personality?  I ran over 30 miles with my brother-in-law over the thanksgiving week, including a 10 mile run (that turned out to be 10 miles of running and 2.2 miles of walking).  Two days later, I ran another 5 miles.  My brother-in-law is a good influence on me!

So now, I’m home from vacation and I had one day left before I have to be back at work – so I went for a run.  I had planned on a 5 mile run and my wife wanted to join me.  During the run however Stephanie turned her ankle and we had to walk half a mile or so.

Once we got back to the house at 4.75 miles, Stephanie suggested that I continue without her to finish the 5 miles.  I started out to do just that, but I felt like I had more in me so I went on to run a few more miles… 5 miles later, I was back home and exhausted.

A co-worker that follows me on Facebook commented that I do have an addictive personality – but I think being addicted to running is better than addicted to pie!

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