#301: Just one thought away from turning this moment into an opportunity

Spark People

This post is about negative thinking and how to change it, but first a little background:

If you are on a similar weight loss journey, then you’ve no doubt heard of Spark People.  My wife and I have a friend from college that lost over 70 lbs using Spark People as her food journaling website and encouraged Stephanie to join.  Spark People offers a points reward system for logging in, reading their emails, journaling exercise and food, etc.

Stephanie encouraged me to sign up so she could get the bonus points, and as a good husband, I did; that was about the one and only time I ever logged into Spark People, however from time to time, I do read the emails they send me.  This morning I got an email titled, ’25 ways to get back on track today’, which did not interest me because I don’t feel I have been off track over the holidays.  At the end of the email however there is a link that did catch my eye – ‘3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking‘.

If you read my recent post regarding my own negative thinking, you know that this is a challenge for me.  I said then that “until I change my thinking, I will continue to justify breaking my diet or excuse myself from my exercise“.  I ended that post saying that I have no idea how to change my thinking.  Well, here I have an email from Spark People suggesting they know three ways to stop negative thinking, so of course my interest is peaked.

If you are struggling with negative thinking as I am, you should stop reading my banter and jump over to Spark People to read ‘3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking‘, right now!  Its worth your time; its so good, I couldn’t pick a single best line to quote from it so here are a few:

you don’t have to know why you do it to stop being negative. All you have to do is to take a close look at what you are actually doing and decide to stop doing it for that moment.

Before you jump to conclusions or attack your own character, ask yourself… If someone came to me asking for advice about how to deal with this problem, what would I say to them? Would I tell them it’s a lost cause?

No matter how big, bad or scary the problem seems, you’re always just one thought away from turning it into an opportunity for change, growth and progress. All you have to do is find that thought.

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