#303: Because Life is too short

QT Ad for unhealthy life choices
Its not their fault this marketing works, its ours!

I took this picture over a year ago and just never got around to posting it. I don’t blame them for the marketing – I think looking for someone to blame for the ‘overweight epidemic’ in America goes a bit against my grain. Instead I’m looking to recognize these type of ads so I can make a conscience effort to override them with a better choice mentality. You know, that whole living on purpose thing…

Today I jogged/walked over 6 miles. Tomorrow I’m going with my brother-in-law for a 10 mile run – our goal is to finish in under 2 1/2 hours (15 min mile pace), but just between you and me – I really would love to see us finish in closer to 2:15:00 – which is a 13:30 pace.  I know its slow by most running standards but when you are carrying around a lot of extra weight, any movement is better than none.

Why am I running 10 miles over Thanksgiving weekend? Because Life’s too short for doughnuts

One thought on “#303: Because Life is too short

  1. Good for your decision to disregard the marketing going on today and make a better healthy choice. Keep up the good work and disregard any temptation that companies use to advertise.

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