#312: Haven’t gotten the sleep thing down…

Its 2:26am and I am still up – I was watching TV… Well, I was streaming Netflix.  I know I’m supposed to get sleep – I’ve heard 8 hours a day but I don’t see how I could do that.  I get it that staying up until 3am is a bad idea but 8 hours of sleep? I would have to be in bed by like 10pm – and Stephanie and I went for a run at 10pm tonight (technically it was last night).

Anyway – I know I need to focus on it, just not sure how.  Truth is – writing this blog entry was just another way to not go to bed… I’m stalling like my 6yr old does!  I’m heading to bed but as a quick note – I weighed 279lbs this morning, I ran a 4k before work, and a 6k after work (with Stephanie at 10pm!).

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