#315: A Book? Maybe its a bit too early for that…

Book Deal

Today while running with Stephanie, I considered the idea of writing a book about our weight loss journey over the next year.  I don’t know if anyone would be interested in reading it, but being the narcissist that I am (why else would I have two personal blogs?) I think everyone would be interested in hearing my story.

It would be a tale of triumph over adversity, a love story about a couple (my wife and me) working together, training to run a marathon, training to save ourselves from an early death, training to keep our children from having to go through life without their parents.  Our efforts to instill in our children the importance of active lives would be an inspiration to others across American and around the world!

The book would have several printings, be translated into dozens of languages, read by millions… the only catch – we have to actually lose the weight, record the journey in an entertaining, inspiring way, and sell the idea to a publishing house… wait… I have to actually lose the weight???

Forget it – I Quit… Again!

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