#323: Set a New PR in the Phoenix 10k

<Rant before post> Can I start by saying that its a pain in the neck to explain that when I say we ran in the Phoenix 10k – we only ran 5k and that was the whole race?  I’m sure that there will come a time (even soon) that I won’t bother entering a 5k and it won’t matter much, because I will be running all 10k’s or longer – but until then, this particular race name has been annoying. </Rant>

The Starting Point

I set a new personal record this morning when I completed the 5k race (called the Phoenix 10k) this morning!  I believe my official time will post sometime tomorrow and be different than the time the iMapMyRun app gives me – but I’m running with the iMapMyRun time regardless (pun intended!).  Yes, I’m still very slow, but before today my personal best for a 5k (3.1 miles) was 39:38 – which I smashed today with 37:36!

We got up early – dropped the two youngest kids off at my sisters (Thanks Cher!) and headed for downtown.  Once we got there, several rodes were closed, so it took us a bit to find our way – Stephanie found the best parking spot you could hope for – just north of the park where the race start and finish lines where.  A block later and we were looking at the Starting line!

I promise I went before we left...

I was excited – Stephanie and I both grabbed our phones to take pictures.  I was not sure we were going to be able to run today, so I didn’t register early – we walked up, gave them our names and money and bam, we are wearing a racing bib – including Zander (although because we let him fill out his own registration, it read “Sander Salkrider”).

I knew we were going to be given a “chip” to let them track our official run times – but instead of a chip you have to tie into your laces – it was built right into the bib!  Very high tech!  There was excitement in the air, a band playing in the center of the park, a lot of people warming up, and a lot of people already running the 10k (the 5k started after the 10k). And us – Stephanie, Zander, and me.  We stopped by the finish line on the other side of the park to watch some of the 10k runners finish the race (most with a better time than I finished the 5k!).

Zander being Zander!

On our way back to the starting point, a group of ladies were doing jazzercise in front of the band’s stage.  I had to stop by the row of port-a-potties.  Then we were just waiting for the gun.  Zander and I ran the whole way – although more than once Zander was tired so he ran a head of me to give himself time to sit and take a break.  There were also several moment during the race where he grabbed my arm and almost dragged me to a stop because he wanted to walk.

When we crossed the first mile, there was a lady calling out times – “…, 12:08, 12:09, 12:10, …” she called out as I past her.  Most of the first mile Zander was trying to get me to walk some and some of the second, but from about the half way point he seemed to have gotten into it and was doing great.  When we hit the second mile, I checked my time – it was just over 24 mins – so I knew I was doing great for me.

The Big Finish

As we finished the race, I heard the announcer call out – “way to go Zander” – another very cool aspect of the technology!  As we finish the race, our numbers, names, ages, etc pop up on a laptop screen and the announcer is able to cheer us on.  There were several other kids that ran the race – but I thought surely Zander would have been the youngest at 6 years old to run.  I was wrong – there was a 3 year old in the race!

Anyway – most of this post is just my random thoughts about the day – nothing extremely interesting but I wanted to capture my first “big city” race here on IQA!

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