#329: Posting everyday is harder than eating right

I think the challenge I’m facing in both areas are related – I even said I should be ok with “tweet” style postings where I only post 140 characters because I think posting daily is important…

Not as important as eating right – which I’m not doing!  I am running – I ran a 5k yesterday morning for a new personal record but I know that running is not enough – I have to learn to say no to foods I know are no good for me.

My wife is an inspiration to me – today I offered her a donut that was offered to me but she refused saying, “I want to make my goals – and that won’t help”… I threw away what I had left of my own donut and I hope I can begin to apply that level of determination to my own life!

I’m not sure if any of this made any sense at all – its 1:18am and I am exhausted – so, Good Night…

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