#337: If only I could eat like a cow I could lose weight.

Over the last two days, I’ve been eating like a bird.  You do know that birds eat like 2 to 3 times their own body weight each day, right?  That’s what I’ve been doing – eating 2-3x my own body weight in junk.  If only I could eat like a cow… those guys only eat veggies and they chew their food like a few hundred times per bite.  Actually, they chew, swallow, throw it up into their mouths and chew it some more.

No – I am not advocating an eating disorder!  But cows do have a few eating habits I could benefit from.  Lots of vegetables, eat slowly, chew each bite over and over… Regardless, I didn’t run Thursday or Friday, with only a 5k walk/jog on Saturday, all the while I’ve been eating tons of food.  All junk food at that!

I’m traveling for the next week – wish me luck!

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