#343: Up Late, Snacking

Technically, this is actually day #342 on my 365 day count down – but I’m still up from day #343 and I haven’t written that post yet – so here it is.

I had to leave work before I was done with my work load for the day because its Monday and my son has cub scouts.  Regardless of the “life” portion of the work/life balance equation – I had work deadlines for tonight (last night, before this morning).  I also didn’t want to let my wife down regarding the family walk after dinner – so once I got home from cub scouts, we had dinner, then a 5k walk, then put the kids to bed, then wow, look at the time, its 11pm.

So – I logged onto work, finished my work load, and promptly logged off and went to bed… Ok, you know that’s not true.  I snacked on peanut butter and craisins while I caught up on work email, read a strategy framework website (also for work), and watched a Law and Order: LA episode.  Yes, all while eating what is likely to have been 500 or more calories!

Now, its 2am, I haven’t gotten to bed yet and I have to be at work an hour earlier than normal tomorrow for an all day meeting…

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