#344: Forming Good Habits are hard to do

Its Sunday morning – and I didn’t run on Friday or Saturday.  Why is it so easy to get in the habit of eating junk food or watching TV late night or pick any other bad habit – but a healthy habit like running is almost impossible to form quickly.  Despite the fact that last weekend I felt myself actually saying, I want to go for a run – today I want nothing less.  Despite that fact that it feels good to know you are doing something for your health and even better to see yourself improving over time, all I want to do today is watch TV.

My legs feel stronger, my lungs don’t betray me half way through a run, my times are coming down – all good things, right?  But Friday the family and I went out to eat instead of run, and Saturday my wife was scrap-booking all day so I stayed home with the kids without running (although we did put up a tent in the back yard).  Today, instead of thinking, I’d like to go for a run, I find myself thinking, what do we have to eat in the fridge!

It doesn’t help that last night I ordered a pizza because nobody delivers salad (ok, they do deliver salad, but nobody orders salad from pizza place because its not good salad) and my wife took the van to car pool with several of her friends to the scrap-booking event, leaving me with just the car – no room for three kids.  So instead of fixing the kids dinner and making myself a salad – I ordered out.  After eating most of the extra large pizza (it was on special and cheaper than the normal large or medium), I felt…

Fine.  Yes, I felt fine.   I also felt guilty, but I didn’t feel like crap physically.  I don’t feel like I over ate (I know I did, I just don’t “feel” miserable from overeating).  But I do feel guilty.

The interesting, much more subtle fact is not that I don’t feel physically sick from stuffing myself, but that I don’t feel like doing anything active today.  Its hard to connect these two events emotionally – which I feel I must do because simply knowing that eating poorly is bad isn’t enough motivation to not actually eat poorly.  Eating poorly makes me not want to be active.  Being active is fun, eating bad-for-me food is enjoyable, but its not fun – running a race is fun.

Am I ever going to get this through my brain and into my heart?  I don’t know – but I need to run today even though all I want to do is order another pizza…

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