#347a: Meetings with free sweets should be avoided at all costs!

This isn’t the original post I had planned for today but I didn’t want to let my struggle go undocumented.  I had a meeting at the office today schedule over lunch, with lunch to be provided.  I’ve been eating salads everyday for lunch but since its a free lunch, its hard to say no thanks, I’ll walk down to the cafe and get a salad for $5.  Maybe that was an autopilot moment, for sure, but it was sandwiches so I didn’t think too much about it being unhealthy.

But then I saw the dessert tray.  Lemon bars, sugar cookies, cannoli, peanut butter cookies, and on and on the list goes.  Ok, I have a sweet tooth – I can say no to chips, crackers, and most any other snack food, but sweets are my weakness.  I can say no to almost any kind of chocolate too… but peanut butter cookies?  Cannoli?  LEMON BARS!?!?!?!

I did ok at first.  Then during the meeting, the guy behind me pulls the dessert tray up and offers me a  cookie.  I take a sugar cookie.  Then on my way back from a rest room break, I grab a cannoli… and another sugar cookie.  Ten minutes later, I finished my diet soda and after getting up to throw away the bottle, I grab a lemon bar.  Ten minutes after that the entire room breaks for a “health break” and I grabbed a peanut butter cookie.

Holy crap!  In less than an hour, I had three cookies, two cannoli, and two lemon bars (yeah, go ahead an judge me, I did go back for the another cannoli and lemon bar!)  Then I realized I was out of control snacking on sweets – yes, only “then” did I realize, talk about autopilot… I’m a food addict!  Once I realized that I was spiraling out of control,  I knew I had to get out of that meeting (still had over an hour to go) before I ate another five cookies – believe me I would have.

So I left.  That’s right I walked out.  I went back to my desk and I used the dial in to finish the meeting that we give out to our remote resources.  If only I had gotten out of there 3 cookies, two cannoli, and two lemon bars sooner!

It all started with an evil seemingly unavoidable thought – just one cookie isn’t too bad…

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