#349: Football Practice has begun

I thought about not playing this year.  Don’t get me wrong – I want to play football.  I enjoy playing football.  I do not enjoy committing to two nights a week where I don’t see my kids and my wife is almost ready for bed by the time I get home.

I joined football last year because I was looking for a way to become active – I don’t play basketball or softball or go bowling.  Well… I have bowled a bit but never steady enough to consider it active – besides, bowling isn’t all that active anyway.  I can’t afford to snow ski or go water skiing.  I often said, I play football, if I could play as an adult, I would.  So when I found out that there is a semi-pro team right here in town – I jumped on it.

However, the amount of time required is considerable.  I have to practice twice a week from October until April – not adding games until January.  I enjoy the games – and I benefit from the practices.  But I miss my family and I already have a long 55mile drive each way to work and back every day.

What do I do then?  I talked to Stephanie – and I think we are on the same page – I’m going to play football, however if there is a conflict between football and our personal life – our personal life wins.  I think that is reasonable.

To be honest, I did consider simply not playing this year at all.  Having started running (walking/jogging) I realize that I do have an activity that I can do with my wife and children.  Since my goal in being active is to have more time with my family – running seems like an obvious choice over football.  I guess I’m trying to have my cake and eat it too.

Is that selfish of me?  Should I quit football to spend more time with the family?  I enjoy football and I want to play, but my family means more to me than football ever could.  I don’t want to lose sight of the point for the process.  The point in being active is for more time with my family – if football is the process to that end – great, but if it becomes the point, maybe I have lost focus…  What do you think?

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