#351: Race Day 10.10.10

Best Moment of the Day!

Most of these images are from my son’s one mile kids run – but I did run my first 5k 4k today on such a great date (10.10.10).  We got our first “bibs” and became official “runners” today.  It was supposed to be a 5k but when we got to the event, we were informed it had been shortened to a 4k; no explanation was given.  My sister drive over an hour to watch the kids during the race.

There wasn’t a visible clock, so I don’t know what my “official” time was however according to the imapmyrun app on my phone, I ran the 4.15k distance in 33 mins and 18 seconds.  For everyone out there that thinks to themselves, “you could walk it in that!” – I challenge you to put on a weight belt, adding weight until you get to 282lbs – then let me know how you do.  For every 10lbs of weight, it takes 6% more power to keep the same pace!

I don’t ever plan to be “fast” – but I will admit that the idea of taking over 6 hours to run 26.2 miles in a year, isn’t a pleasant one.  Even at a 12 min/mile pace, the 26.2 mile race would take me over 5 hours.  I think that is my goal – 12 min miles.  Lets take a look in a few months and see.

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