#352: My first 5k race!

Tomorrow is my first official 5k.  I’ve been running (well, jog/walking) for a few weeks now.  I’ve learned that exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight – You can argue with me if you want, but over 100 miles a week on my bike for over 6 months, an eleven day bike tour covering 735 miles, and a semi-pro football season later, and I can tell you, exercise is not the best way to lose weight.

If I want to lose weight, I have to change the way I eat – I would have said diet here, but then people like to jump in with comments like “you don’t have to diet, just change what you eat” – so let me say this for everyone that thinks that means something other than diet – begin rant here ~~~ if I eat a salad instead of a burger, that’s a diet; if I eat half a burger instead of the whole thing, that’s a diet; If I skip dessert because “I already ate too much” or “I didn’t save room” – THAT’S A DIET! ~~~ end rant here

I digress… I have been paying attention to what I eat and how much.  I have also recently started monitoring my blood sugar levels again.  First day back testing blood sugar wasn’t pretty – I think I was over 250 – if you don’t know, 80 to 100 is considered normal.  I’ve adjusted my eating habits in order to keep my blood sugar down and I’ve managed to keep it around 120-130.  If I can take off 10 – 20 lbs in the next month or too along with exercise, I expect to have my blood sugar levels back under control.

What does any of that have to do with my first official race tomorrow? NOTHING… but I’m excited about the race!

Oh – and I know you are thinking – “why haven’t you posted – your last post was a couple of weeks ago and you said you would post everyday” – well, big suprise, I quit again… LOL

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