#365: Turning 33 years old…

Yesterday I turned 33; mostly an uneventful day.  As I get older, I find that turning a year older is a time to look at what I accomplished that year.  But this year, this time, I’m not looking back.  I’m looking forward.

My goal is to post every day – but more importantly, my goal is to live each day for the next 365 days on purpose.  I have been on auto pilot.  On my other blog ( I have a tag line “Attempting to live on purpose” because I recogonize that its easy to get out of the pilot seat and let the ‘machine’ take over.

The machine of life – get up, get ready for day, go to work, work, eat, work some more, go home, eat again, get ready for bed, go to bed, repeat as necessary until death.  This form of auto pilot was in fact the theme for a Hollywood movie called “Click” (2006).  Micheal (Adam Sandler) is given a remote that he can fast forward the boring or difficult parts of his life with – putting him on an auto pilot mode where he lives life without living it.

At one point in the movie, Micheal wakes up from auto pilot to find himself successful in business, but over 300 lbs physically and alone (his wife and kids had left him).  On July 11, 2009, I tweet’ed “how do you balance family, faith, and field – I tend to excel at one to the peril of the others… Lately, works been great… :o)”  Hmmm… does that sound familiar?

I’m turning off the “remote” and living the next 365 days on purpose!  I do have a couple of large goals (get my bachelor’s degree, run a marathon) but my intention is to focus each day on the day.  A friend told me their company handed out signs to each employee that read “Be Here Now” – which the employees promptly graffiti’ed to read “BeER Here Now!”, but the point was to focus on the now.  That is exactly what I plan to do – focus on the now.

What does this mean for IQA?  Well, I want to blog each day about the day – If I am going to stay with it – I need to make myself ok with tweet style micro-blogging entries – otherwise I will quit (again!).

I wanted to do video entries but I just haven’t been able to find an easy method of taking, editing, uploading, and publishing videos.  I don’t think I want a youtube channel, but the wordpress app on my phone doesn’t do a good job of uploading videos either… Feel free to drop any suggestions you have in the comments!  Ok – I’m going for a run/jog/walk – see you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “#365: Turning 33 years old…

  1. Even God took a day of rest, lol….I’m just saying, you did say evereeeeday…I burn out too quickly on doing anything everyday or locking myself into an indefinite commitment unless I must in order to survive…..I can’t take the pressure! haahaa

    1. I’ve been running and tomorrow is my first official race (its a 5k). I haven’t been posting – but I’m going to. I’m looking for a way to video blog easily but I haven’t found anything that I can live with yet!

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