My first PF Chang Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon – Completed!

My First 1/2 Marathon

There it is!  A big three hour, one minute, and thirty three second time.  My first 1/2 Marathon is in the bag. I’m exhausted – but I’m not sure how much of that is from the race verse getting up at 5am…


  • I ran a 1/2 marathon
  • I got an awesome metal
  • The course is mostly flat
  • The water stations are every mile and a half or so
  • The course was clearly marked
  • There were over 19k people that ran it
  • Parking was easy (at least at 6:30 am it was)
  • The shuttle to the starting line was easy to find, easy to get on
I gotta go!!!


  • The shuttle was blasting the heat full on – I was sweating at 6:30 in the morning then dropped off in 40 degree cold to stand for over an hour
  • The first thing I saw after getting off the shuttle were rows and rows of port-a-potties – no welcome sign, no your here, just smelly blue boxes with lines and lines of people
  • There wasn’t a trash can in sight… I had to throw away my coffee cup; after walking around for several minutes, we did find one, but even then, it was completely over flowing
  • A Total Lack of Direction!  At no point did we see any signage for where to go to start the race or where to go once we finished the race.  We spent over an hour walked up and down the street just to find the car because no one had any idea where the “blue” lot was that we parked in – and a bike cab driver told us one way, while a police officer told us another – and we came across several people also looking for their lot.
  • Trash


  • We didn’t cross the starting line until over 40 mins after the first coral
  • Each coral got their own ‘gun’, but the clock was from the first wave.
  • My phone quit working – I didn’t get any pictures and I wasn’t able to save the workout at the end of the run!!!

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