Big Goal: Run a Marathon by 34 yrs old

This seems like a pretty straight forward goal, right?  Except… how do I track it, how do I measure it, how do I know I’m doing well?  Oh, and it is SMART?  Lets see:

  • Specific – Run a Marathon is rather specific
  • Measurable – well, I can measure the end result, but how to I measure progress?
  • Aggressive – Yes – 26.2 miles for an almost 300 lb guy, very aggressive
  • Realistic – I think so – as long as I train for the next several months
  • Timely – check.  September 26th, 2011 is my 34th birthday.

Oh – and for my “A” for accountability – I have agreed to run with my Brother-in-Law a year from now, so that should help.

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