Big Goal: Weigh 234 lbs or less by 34 yrs old

I currently weight ~285 lbs.  I will need to lose ~51 lbs in the next 49 weeks.  I’m not sure yet how to make this happen.  I don’t consider weight loss to be a linear journey so I’m not going to weigh-in every week looking for 1 lb or more weight loss.  Personally, I would find it discouraging to get on the scale and see that I have not lost weight or worst that I had actually gained weight.

I want to make sure this is a SMART goal, so lets check:

  • Specific – weighing 234 lbs is rather specific
  • Measurable – yes, I can absolutely measure the progress and results of this goal
  • Aggressive – well, I think this could go either way depending on who you are talking to, but having never lost more than 30 lbs in a given effort, this is aggressive for me
  • Realistic – check. Most diet plans recommend no more than 1 or 2 lbs a week at most (TV’s Biggest Loser not withstanding).
  • Timely – check.  September 26th, 2011 is my 34th birthday.

So we have met all the requirements, except my additional “A” for accountable.  I’m not sure how to do that one yet.  I’m also thinking of the logistics here; meaning, how do I record my weightloss (or gain), how often to I weigh in (daily, weekly, monthly?), how do I break up this goal into smaller shorter goals since I have already stated I don’t expect a linear pattern, 4 or 5 lbs a month maybe a good trending goal, but I’m I really off track if I miss that goal on month?

You could suggest that I’m over thinking this – but I believe I haven’t thought it out enough in the past to be successful.  I want this time to be different.

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