How do I prepare for the Plateau that I know is coming?

This year (birth year, not calendar year) is for me a “Year on Purpose“; an entire year of intent.  To be honest, I haven’t accomplished this goal everyday but the goal is to continue to focus on the reasons I do what I do and make decisions conscientiously.

With that in mind, I don’t want to go through the motions of weight loss on autopilot.  You have been through the same cycle I have – you amp up on the idea that this time will be different, then you start a program – a diet, an exercise, whatever.

For the first week you are excited.  Maybe even into week two and three.  You see weight lost and you get excited again.  You start to slip a little bit, but you tell yourself its ok because you have been doing so well and you have lost some weight and that a day off isn’t that bad.  Then you hit the wall.  The food sucks, the exercise is harder to make time for, and the worst thing happens – you hit a plateau.

I am not currently in a plateau – but I was for a year.  I couldn’t break 285lbs no matter how hard I tried.  Its hard to keep going when you hit a wall – and there are dozens of articles out there about how to bust a plateau – but I want to put on my granny panties here so that I don’t go south when my weight stays put!

I don’t know exactly what I need to do – but I know the Plateau is coming… and I’m not ready!

What are your thoughts? I could really use help here!

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