Maybe I finally found my bad underwear!

Last night I blogged about being in a Dark Place – the place where I start to sabotage my own weight loss efforts but today while surfing my old posts, I came across a quote from Dan Ariely describing the place where I find myself

…you decide that you’re done acting a certain way (No more smoking! No more spending! No more unprotected sex!), but then when temptation strikes, you go back on your word

The quote came directly from Dan Ariely’s blog post titled “Sex, Shaving, and Bad Underwear!” where Dan suggests that in order to follow through with our goals (weight loss, exercise, saving money, whatever), we may need to setup pre-commitments that force us down the right road.

When I closed my post last night with “I’m going to climb out of this place”, I was referring to this feeling I have that there is a light at the end of this tunnel – but it wasn’t until I re-read Dan’s post that I realized what that feeling was.

I have already signed up for a 12k race on Saturday.  I have plans to run the half marathon in January.  I may be running a marathon rely with my brother-in-law in March, and I have a set date to run the full marathon with my brother-in-law September of next year.

I’ve setup quite a few pre-commitments (aka my Bad Underwear – read Dan’s post) that are keeping me focused.  I’m going to continue running.  I’m going to continue losing – yes, both weight and races! 😀

My point here – I’m NOT Quiting!

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