About Me

I’m Dale and I’m an overeater.

[Corporate “HI DALE!”]

My Weight

At my heaviest, I weighed in at 330lbs.  When I started this blog, I was just under 300lbs – but the weight loss ticker in the side bar is marching from 306lbs – which is what I weighed when I begain this journey.  I have many reasons to want to lose weight, but none of them were good enough to motivate me to actually start losing weight.  It wasn’t until I realized my eating is part of an addiction that it really started to click for me.  It was a real wake up call – thinking of yourself as a fat person is much easier than thinking “I’m an addict” – trust me, its not a crutch, an excuse, or a plea for attention (although this blog might be!).  I don’t think of myself as a victim and this addiction is not something happening to me – its the road I choose albeit unconsciencely.  Now I’m making better choices, one day at a time.

My Family

I am married to a beautiful woman that is and will always be the love of my life.  We have three kids – Alexander “Zander” (b.2004), Alexis “Lexi” (b.2007), and Aiden (b.2009).  I should have lost the weight years ago for them… but ‘should haves’ are useless, its want we do today that counts.

My Job

I work in technologies (explains the blog, uh?).  I spend a lot of time here on the net, but I do have a day job working for a big corporation – so if you lose me for a day or two, I’m likely doing my 9-2-5.

My Contact Info

email: dale at sackrider dot org

I also have a personal blog (, a ministry blog (, and an online hosting business (

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