Day 2 By Albert Tubbs

My mindset towards food has totally changed.

When I would eat food (before reading Paul McKenna’s book) I had varied thoughts, which I now realize contributed to my obesity.


Not sure when lunch might be so I better eat my full.


Might be a late dinner so I should eat up


Not suppose to eat after 6PM and it’s a long time till breakfast. So … you guessed it, I better eat up.

Plus, I was often consumed my thoughts of food. What would eat, when I would eat next, how many calories should I eat now, if I eat this I’ll just skip the next meal and the list goes on from there.

Today, I thought little about food and ate little. My thoughts were not any point today overtaken by food. Oh, I thought about food but only when decided what to eat.

It took me nearly 60 minutes before I could eat breakfast because I didn’t know what I wanted. I ended up having 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast (didn’t eat it all) and yogurt.

At lunch I attempted to eat some leftover Chinese food from last night but I couldn’t eat it. Why? Thanks for asking by the way, because I didn’t want it. Chewing food slowly really allowed to me taste food and realized that at least today I didn’t want it. I got a yogurt and decided I was full anyway.

For dinner I was truly gracing salad. I know right? Crazy! But when I got home dinner had already been made. Chocolate chip pancakes. I was really upset about it. Seriously I was upset.

Total mind change. I was sitting there eating a meal that included CHOCOLATE and was thinking “this is not salad”. I ate two pancakes (a normal would have been at least six) and one sausage patty. I then had a half a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios.

I probably also have some pudding sometime before bed. Oh, I think around 60 ounces of water and no other fluid. Soda sounded gross!

Truly, I’m not having mad cravings and for the first time in my life I feel in control of food.

This only day two, though.

Day 1 By Albert Tubbs

Hmm, it sounds good but we’ll see.

After reading for the first time Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin” I am flooded with thoughts. The book takes a direct shot at the entire weight lose/diet community. He states “many of them (diets and their supporters) are an outright con.”

Considering I’ve tried most diets and I’m still wrestling with lasting results I was not offended by these claims at all but he goes deeper.

In case anyone one may misunderstand what McKenna is saying he sums it up in big bold print:

“Forget about dieting. Forever. Diets are essentially training courses in how to get fat and feel like a failure.”

McKenna blames diets and the diet industry for helping to mess up the natural process of eating and even body metabolism. He boldly believes diets are the “number-one cause of obesity in the world”.

The approach that is taken in the book is from a common sense and mind (thinking) makeover. The claim is all you need to do is follow the 4 Golden Rules:

  1. When you are hungry, Eat.
  2. EAT WHAT YOU WANT, not what you think you should.
  3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful.
  4. When you think you are full, STOP eating.

Sounds simple, right? Then why are so many of us so fat? Be honest too. If you are obese, do you follow those four rules? I think not!

The author does a great job presenting radical thinking to weight management that seems to make sense. He gives practical although sometime seemly bizarre, techniques to eating, dealing with cravings and even the easiest exercise program you have heard of in a weight loss book. I will address all of these areas further in future posts.

As for me I started today having heard about the Four Golden Rules on-line but had not read the book yet. I also watched a video of McKenna (you can see it on my previous post to Dale) and knew a little about how to apply rule Number 3 while eating, which to me is the most important rule because it helps with Number 4.

For breakfast I made two eggs and got some yogurt out to eat (yes I wanted this). I ate slowly, chewing at least 20 times per bite before I swallowed and took another bite. Much to my surprised I felt full after eating about half an egg. I couldn’t believe it!

My first thought was “crap I’m gonna be hungry in 10 minutes with nothing to around to eat”. Yet, I pushed that thought aside, put the yogurt back and threw away the other egg.

I then got the book and read the first 20 pages or so.

At lunch I went to Subway. I normally order some Jared special I don’t want and eat everything within a calorie allotment. Today, I ordered the meatball sub with cheeses and jalapenos, cause that’s what I wanted and ole Paulie said I could.

I made sure there was meat in every bite I took and eat slowly. I ate all the meat but left 25% of the bread in garbage. While leaving I thought to myself “you idiot you’ll be starving any minute”. I was thirsty but clearly not hungry.

Among other things I finished the book before dinner.

I had my favorite local Chinese food for dinner but I only ate 25% of my normal portion followed by chocolate pudding for dessert.

Later in the evening I had a bag of popcorn while watching TV (the eating while watching TV is a no-no) and then that left over yogurt. In hindsight I could have just had the yogurt.

I drank water and iced tea with artificial sweetener. I’ll try to pay more attention to how much I drink starting tomorrow.

Off to bed now and I’m very interested to see how tomorrow goes.