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wk17.04.29.2012 – 249 lbs

2nd week under 250 – but it was a struggle. I’m bored with salads and my alternative isn’t as healthy. I’m eating a lot of soup lately which is starting to get boring too.

Its not that this “diet” doesn’t have a lot of options – its that I have no idea how to make them. There are several restaurants that sell junk food but healthy food is more difficult to come by. I did find a “my fit foods” store this week and picked up two dishes of veggie chili.

See you next week…

wk16.04.22.2012 – 249 lbs

Bitter sweet results today… I’ve been stuck in the 250’s for a month, so I’m glad to get out. But lately I’ve realized that all my success has gotten me “down” to what most people would still consider a “before” picture…

wk15.04.15.2012 – 252 lbs

I’m officially STUCK! Looks like my new floor is 250. I can’t seem to break it – and I’m not willing to let it break me!

I have wondered if adding exercise in the last month has somehow affected my weight loss journey in a negative (albeit temporarily) way. This may have some indirect truth to it, but after a careful inventory of myself (steps 4 and 10 of the Overeaters Anonymous 12 step program), I believe the truth is I’m overeating.

My appetite certainly may have increased due to the exercise but I’m not eating the right kinds of food (raw and cooked vegetables). Instead I’ve been living in the land of fruit, avocado, and edamame.

Normally these are ok foods to eat, but when they become the main dish, you’ve added a lot of fat (from the avocados), sugar (from the fruit), and salt (from the salt I continue to cheat with when I eat edamame).

The whole point of the Eat to Live diet is to break my addiction to fat, sugar, and salt – but the last two or three weeks, I’ve made those items the biggest portions of my diet. I said in week 13 that I was heading back to the basics – but I obviously didn’t do that. Here goes my next run at it…