My name is Dale, and I’m diabetic

This isn’t a new diagnosis – but I need to publicly acknowledge my situation. I’ve managed my adult onset, type 2 diabetes in the past with diet and exercise, but in recent years (I’ll say at least the last 3 years), I haven’t managed the disease at all. My current situation is an A1C number over 10 (normal is 5.9 and lower). My daily blood sugar runs well over 250, sometimes hitting well over 400 and 500.

This disease will kill me if I don’t address it. I believe medication and shots (which I have never been on) are ways the medical industry has offered to “manage” a curable disease. The cure isn’t a mystery and its not disputed by most medical professionals. The cure is to remove sugar (including simple carbohydrates) from my diet.

I’ve already ‘tested’ this ‘cure’ and found my blood sugar levels come down below 200 almost immediately (like day 2 of any sugar restriction). That’s still not ‘normal’ – which would be a lot closer to 80-100. After a week of disciplined diet and I drop to below 150. Beyond that I do what I’ve done so often that it inspired the title of this blog – I quit… again!

This week, I’ve started rowing 1000 meters every morning – which only takes less than 5 mins. I have looked at my diet and made different choices over the last few days, but I keep saying “ok, tomorrow I’ll start in earnest…” right before I make a really bad food choice.

Why am I putting all of this into a blog post for a blog I haven’t written in for like 10 months? Because I’m hoping that writing these thoughts out will help me to focus, to stay the course, to change a life long bad habit of making choices against my best interests… and because my name is Dale, and I’m diabetic.

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