I ran barefoot for the first time – and set a 5k PR!

I’ve been reading the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. I’m about 90 pages from finished, so I won’t make this the book review post – but inspired by the over all theme of the book (barefoot running), I went on my first ever barefoot run tonight.

It started out well. I was running on the sidewalk but I jumped out on the street when the sidewalk was full of leaves and debris. I got about a quarter mile from the house and I stepped on a rock, rolled it under my foot to the soft arch and stepped down on it hard!

It hurt. A lot. BUT… I kept going. I was able to get to the long stretches of grass and that is where I found relief. Running on the grass while in my shoes is not a pleasant experience. Its difficult and slows me down. But running barefoot in the grass is amazing!

My feet felt great and I felt like I was running gently. I wasn’t pounding or smacking my feet down. I was traveling smoothly across the grass. It felt natural and pleasant. I was truly enjoying my run in a way I have never felt before.

When I past the first mile at 10:49, I knew this was going to be a fast run. When I had to come off the grass to the sidewalk or asphalt in order to cross a street, I felt myself slow down; cautiously, naturally.

Then I hit the grass and without effort or thought I found myself speeding up. Almost as if I needed to catch up to where I would have been before leaving the ground to the unnatural concrete and blacktop.

When I hit my second mile at 9:39, I knew this could be a new PR 5k for me. I started to think about that and found myself speeding up on purpose and then feeling the fatigue of that effort and then slowing down as a result. I started to doubt myself.

When I turned down my street, I left behind those long green havens for my barefeet in exchange for rocks, leaves, and sticks left carelessly on the sidewalks and in the streets by landscapers and a few neighborhood kids, who were likely bored waiting on their buss the day before. The pace was slower than I wanted; both from self doubt and caution to not press another sharp object into the arch of my foot.

I hit mile three at 9:56 and I pick up the pace for the last tenth of a mile. I finished with a 5k time of 31:33… that’s 35 seconds off my prior personal record! Of course I also am in better shape than ever before and I weigh a great deal less than I did when I set that prior PR.

Over all I’ll say barefoot might seem like a crazy idea, but if you can do it – you should. It truly was amazing!

This post sucks

Does every post have to be clever? I want to post everyday but I don’t because I don’t feel like I have anything entertaining enough, clever enough, worthy enough for anyone to take the time to read them.

Tonight I ate terrible at a business dinner. I’ve done very well during most of my business travel over the last several months. I’ve eaten salads and healthy options week in and out. But not tonight.

I had bread, wine based claims, more bread, a Greek salad, more bread, breaded fried calamari, two mojitos, two glasses of red wine, some more bread, stuffed leg of lamb, a glass of cognac, and an ice cream desert called a mud slide.

Altogether, my dinner was over 2150 calories. I went back to the hotel room and felt like a slob. I almost went to bed because when you over eat, you want to sleep. You get lethargic. But I didn’t climb into bed.

Instead, I got dressed, went downstairs and jogged, walked, and then I walked some more. But not enough. I still found myself over my calories for the day despite burning almost 800 calories before midnight.

Its 2am – I continued after midnight in order to accomplish my daily goals for Thursday. But now I’m actually exhausted.

See this post sucked…

Tonight’s Treadmill Torture

Dale and I are trying to change the way we live.  We are not dieting or exercising; we are in the process of making a new lifestyle together.   After years of bad habits and bad excuses; its not always easy.  But I want to show my children a better way.


A week ago I ran my first ½ marathon and the next day began craziness!  The last 6 days has been filled with the whole family having fevers, horrible coughs, never ending whinnying and feeling like we’ve been hit by a MAC truck.  I’m guessing we all have a bad case of the flu with maybe a side of bronchitis.  But I’m just a mom not a doctor. J  In any case, my husband was away for the first several days of it, so I took care of three little sick ones by my self for 3 days.


Less then 24 hours before the flu hit my house, I was asked to do a huge Scentsy event this same weekend.  So even with my fever, I did all the packing and prepping that it takes.  Let me say, its not easy to label papers straight when your head is spinning.  So for the next 3 days, I am up before 7 am.  If you know me, this is huge for me.  I am not a morning person.  I prefer to stay up at night and sleep in.  I’ve always wished I was a morning person and wished that I could have a normal sleep pattern but this topic is for different blog post.  Lets just say that 7am normally is a huge feat by itself with out adding the other things with it.  And after getting up, I worked and worked hard at a Bluegrass Festival on my feet all day; not getting to bed till midnight and doing it all again the next day.


Why am I mentioning all of this when the post says its about treadmill torture?  Cause the girl 6 months ago would have enjoyed all the fair flavors of her choice and not thought once about a work out.


Instead of an Elephant Ear, I packed a lunch box of Kashi crackers, berries and oranges to have for snacks.  I also brought water with me.  I let myself pick one place for lunch at the fair though.


Now I made some great choices but I know this is a work in progress.  On the last night, Dale and I went to Golden Corral for dinner.   I made a great salad and then filled my plate with lots of green veggies I love; broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, green beans.  I felt great.


I went back to the buffet and got a roll, a brownie, some peach cobbler and some bread pudding.  Don’t worry I don’t eat all that.  I ate the roll but I only had one very small bite of each the desserts.  And it didn’t take long.  Just 3 bites and I looked up at Dale and said, “Remember how I said I felt with the first place?” “Ya” “Well, now I feel miserable and gross!”


I had thought several times throughout the day that I needed a run.  Now after dinner, I felt miserable but knew what had to be done.  I start to dread it and try to talk my self out of it.

So after an hour drive, kids are to be taken care of and Dale is going back out.  I had a few choices here.  I could get the sleep that I so really want.  I could veg out and watch some tv.  But it plagues my mind that since the ½ marathon I’ve only had one 3 mile walk.  So almost in auto mode, I find that I’m grabbing work out clothes and my running shoes.


Now, I just ate, on my feet all day, kids driving me crazy, been sick for days, I’m so tired…. Ya this run is torture.  The run, probably one of the toughest in a long time but yet I cant explain it.  It feels soooooo good!  5 miles later; I’m pretty proud of me.  I like where I’m headed.  I like this lifestyle much better.